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Q: your career! your actually famous. everyone at my school (in the sunny coast) knows about you and today everyone was like ah fk she's perf!!

Woah wtf! This is weird but cool at the same time! I’m not famous though xx

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Q: If you were far from home and needed to sleep for the night, would you choose to rent a crappy motel room for $60 or sleep in your car for free?

car, because people don’t need beds :) x

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Q: weight?

not sure, I haven’t checked in a while! X

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Q: something your super excited about?


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Q: What type of person do you want to be? Like positive, negative, a mix, opinionated, giving etc… ????? <3

Positive x

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Q: I'm not in the list :( damn it :(

hahaaha please talk to me if your curious why and I can explain x

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Q: Top 6 overall girls and boys togetherz

I can’t choose 6 at the moment but my closest ones (not in any particular order) are Ally, Liam, Georgia, Zee because they have been there for me and I feel like a few of my really close friends always try to be better than me, or they try and compete with me in things or atm are 2 sided. I love my friends and who they are and who they make me. Xxx

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Q: who are your bffls?

Scroll down I said 5 x

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Q: Tell us your best friends!

Wowza chill please :)

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Q: What electives do you do Porchee? You're inspiring 💕

200H = 2 semesters in both year 9 & 10
100H = 1 semester in year 9 and 1 semester in year 10

200H commerce, 100H drama, 100H tec x

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Q: I have a boyfriend but I have no idea what to do on weekends with him! Help!!

Aw! Go to the beach, watch movies, go to lunch, have a picnic, go exploring around different places with him! Xx

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Q: what foundation do u use??? your skin makes me wanna kms

Sometimes I mix some but I always use Revlon’s photo ready BB cream bc it works on my skin and I find BB cream a lot nicer to use x

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Q: i think u are my religion man

your mine too

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Q: What is your favorite video game console? Why?


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Q: wow! how do you ever get out of bed with a view like that!all good with me thanks but coming to the end of summer holidays and back to school next week! glad to see things are amazing--is there a boy in your life now?xxx

Aw it’s a struggle! That’s good! Good luck with school! I have one term left :) nope! What about you? X

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